Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Black, Pink, Blue, Brown, Green, Silver: Spring Fashion Week Day 4

I'm really into my shoes... so, this post is about them....
And wondering what on earth prompted me to stand like I'm doing exercises as a pose.
And I broke down and painted my nails
And made myself some new necklaces!
Oh, and my shoes... again.
And the necklaces up close
And more ear cuffs. Silver coloured this time.
Usually I wear gold coloured jewelry just because it works better with my hair and skin... but silver stuff is easy to find (believe it or not).

So... yep, I guess that's it.
I just worked today. I intended to bike to work, but then I looked at the time and I was almost late without having to bike.

Shirt - Urban Planet
Pink Tank Top - too old to remember
Sweater - Forever 21
Jeans - GAP
Rings - Ardene's
Large cuff - H&M
Small cuff - Dazzling Adornments
Necklaces - Handmade! 
Shoes - Tom's

Go see all the pretty outfits by the rest of the girls, right here!


deanna@delirious-rhapsody said...

you have the BEST jewelry. i love your necklaces so much. and those shoes! they make me so happy.

melindarose said...

Those shoes are so fun! And from what I can see from these pictures, your room looks awesome!

Teddi said...

your nails and your shoes are a perfect match! charity, does that mean you made your necklaces? :) hooray that the weather is nice enough to bike, maybe another day, when you aren't running late?

Rachel said...

Those are some very happy shoes, and I love your multicolored nails!!

Rachael said...

Man, you've got it all! The nails, the posing, the shoes, the hair, the accessories, the outfit! 5 stars for awesomeness and attention to detail!

katie said...

awesome shoes! and i really like your necklaces -- i recently acquired one for myself that has bitty little snake vertebrae as the beads, it creeps my friends out but i love it -- and i've never seen anyone wear multiple bar necklaces layered like that, thanks for the inspiration!