Saturday, April 20, 2013

Be Kind outfit post

Yeah so, I haven't done an outfit post in a really long time... and this certainly isn't my best outfit ever, but Delirious Rhapsody is hosting "Spring Fashion Week" and I love that blog, so I decided to show some support!
A little bit of motion blur

My "I <3 books="" momiji="" p="" pin.="">
My $3.00 find! I think I might use it as a camera bag, despite it's original purpose.
Or perhaps I might just use it as a purse because you never can have a purse too big.

Black shirt - Forever 21
Purple shirt - Ancient
Blue Jeans - GAP

I've been having some trouble with my bangs lately, so I've resorted to just putting them halfway back with a headband. It could be worse, I suppose.

I got dressed this morning just to go to the Home & Garden Show. Then we built a little bedding box for when my rabbit has babies! After that I watched Australia (one of my top ten favourite movies) and ate sour grapefruit candies. All in all, a very good day. xoxo


katie said...

that bag is an *awesome* find. also, really digging the layering. thanks for playing along!

Charlotte said...

It's so funny that you mention your bangs, because I was going to make a comment on how much I like them! I like the choppy look you've got going on. Very fun.

I also love your accessories - the button and bag are too cute.

Modest Momma said...

THAT BAG, oh my goodness. It's amazing!

I love the subtle and not-so subtle pops of color throughout your outfit!

deanna@delirious-rhapsody said...

that bag is perfect! I'm so glad you're linking up! your outfits always make me happy. :)

Rachel said...

I love how your hair is styled--and I definitely agree with the message of your shirt!

Rachael said...

Love the bag and your bangs look really cute spilling out... What trouble are you having? Either way, you look darling!