Sunday, April 21, 2013

Back in the garden: Drastic change in light photography

In this post, just a few days ago.... I included a photo of this exact scene....
Around the same time of day, but vastly different because of the cloud cover....
Maybe you don't find this as interesting as me... sorry!
The flowers are getting a bit bigger than that other day as well....
And since my first Spring post... we had snow again. Oh Canada! I love you but you have confusing weather.
The tulips are staring to grow

Clearly I could play in the garden taking photos, all day.
This is my favourite. I used the levels adjustment layer in Photoshop CS5 to just increase the blue a bit. It gave the photo a completely different feel. 
I love how bird's eye photos completely change the shape of things.

And I thought there was more, but now I'm at the end!
So... enjoy the week ahead loves!

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maria said...

love the first image! Have a great week :)