Monday, March 11, 2013

Self-Portrait Project redo

So.... yeah....
I never did get around to really organizing the self-portrait project and the due date was the end of February.
I've decided to start this fresh. The goal is 100 self-portraits from around the world. People seem to find Art portraits too time consuming, so snap a cute selfie with your camera and add it to the collection.

My only request... nothing risque.
It's open to any age, any Art form.
Send your images to with the subject line self-portrait project.
You can also upload them to flickr here.

Once the project reaches 100 individuals, I'll send them away to Pikto to get a pretty book and we can pass the book around and everyone can sign it and check out what was done. Obviously more than 100 is spectacular but I'm just gonna say 100 and not worry about deadlines.

This is just for fun. I love to see how people represent themselves, and it's a great way to make new friends!
If you've already sent something, there is no need to send a new image. I have them all saved. I just haven't done anything with them yet.

Questions? Ask away... on twitter @charityelle, via email, or of course in the comment section below!

As an aside, I have no ability to make a blog button... so feel free to copy the image and link back to here or make your own or whatever, just please spread the word!

1 comment:

Candra said...

this is an amazing photo activity. Count me in! I will send you a self portrait soon! Just got to take it first!