Thursday, March 7, 2013

Indoor Picnic

We had an indoor picnic. Although I did none of the work. I made plans to visit with my friends, I knew we were going to do something fun and very likely creative... and I walked in the door to a full fledged summer day and a picnic set up on the living room floor.
Jackie had gnomes and grass, flowers, party games, bubbles and of course food all set up.

We had lunch on the picnic blanket, (the fruit salad was really, really good).
Me with my two little sisters..... in these photos all four of us have very similar hair colour, adding validity to the sister statement, even though we are really no relation at all.

Then of course, we had to do photos... with bubbles.

I really don't know what Jennah is doing in this photo... admiring the giant bubble perhaps?

After that, we watched Grease... because what kind of indoor winter picnic would it be without a fun, musical movie? I like re-watching certain movies too because you see things (sometimes deliberately inappropriate things) that you never noticed before.
An indoor picnic with lots of silliness is a really great way to help beat the winter blahs... caused by super long Canadian winters... so there you have it!

Happy Thursday loves!

*Oh, all the photos were done by Jaclynn Tenbrinke, as was the set design ;) 

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Tiffany said...

Looks like soooo much fun! What a great idea!