Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Goals and Projects on the Go - Excitement here!

I have a few little things on my mind. I think I'll devote a post to each thought though, so this post is just to organize my thoughts.

Once school is done, these are some things I hope to start/or grow.

1) An online book store. I'm calling it that, but I don't plan on just selling books.

2. A Photography Club for local teens. I have so many ideas in my mind for this that it certainly deserves a full post. I want to start this in May of this year except that I haven't actually advertised or done any fundraising so that makes it difficult. 

Isn't this photo so cute? Look for it here

2b) At Christmas, I hope to have my photography club help me organize a clothing drive just for teens. Again this need a whole post, but the point is, there is a need, and I want to help.

3) The Self-Portrait Project. Find information here

4) What I call the "Everyday People" project. I've started photographing people I know on plain backgrounds and requesting that they send me a short anecdote from their past. The plan is to compile it all into a binder, then a book. I photograph because I want to remember people and times. It's easy to make sure you have photos of the people in your family and of your close friends, but what about the elderly people you enjoy talking to at work and the kind lady you think of as an aunt even though she's not. I always want these people and memories close to me, so I'm starting to collect them. Some of my friends say that makes me sound creepy, but as a photographer who focuses on capturing the human experience, I'm not sure it is. How is it any different than an archivist? That's basically what I am... a photographer-archivist. I combine History and Art. I started with my classmates. 

5) Freelance. I write and I photograph, non-fiction, children's picture books, a bit of everything.... but they stay hidden in a file in my room. It's time to do something different.

As an aside, I've also been approached to help out with two local committees to aid with the preservation of local History. I've agreed to participate to a minimal extent but I'm still excited. More info on these later!

I also feel the need to down-size my goals and collections regularly but here's the final projects that made the cut. Collection wise, good bye LEGO people, but hello Funko Pop vinyl toys! I should do a post on collections to.... I always love to see what other people collect.
Daryl Dixon from Walking Dead was my first toy. Big surprise there.

Please, if anyone has any information or suggestions for ANY of the above projects... EMAIL ME at alovelylittleworld@yahoo.com or leave a comment below. ALL help is appreciated!

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Tatiana said...

these all sound like lovely projects! good luck <3 I especially like the idea of your everyday people photography... there aren't enough stories.