Monday, March 18, 2013

DIY: Gritty High Contrast Photographs

Oh dear me, using ET to sell cigarettes.

Wanna make a kind looking friend into a tough WWE star?
Make him dress up and stand in front of a grey backdrop.
Put a strobe on either side (small soft boxes) of him, behind him facing his shoulders.
Then have another light directly in front of him, mine was a bare strobe with a diffusing gel.
I also had a light on the backdrop for the halo effect, but that's not necessary.
Here's another example, using two large soft boxes on either side, and a small soft box in front.
James was on a white seamless backdrop.

The final step.... and I used this process to edit the top photo but not the bottom photo... is to step up the contrast in post.
Use this easy to follow instructions (which centre on the high pass filter which is my new best friend for adding contrast).

You probably want to know the settings for your cameras and lights, but that my friend is up to you. Just play around until you get an exposure you like. 

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