Friday, February 8, 2013

Snow Day and DIY heart garland

Oh yeah, here's what I originally planned on posting.
As most of you will know by now, Southern Ontario was hit with a major blizzard today, meaning most of the area was closed down for the day!
Since I had a free day, I took some of that time to make things. 
I cut out little felt hearts, 
And cut little holes in them... obviously I didn't pay much attention to getting them perfect.
Then I strung them on pink embroidery floss. Quick and easy Valentine's Day garland.
And then I sewed these weird little things.
Happy week-end friends!


ivette said...

cute little things on the last photo! and lovely snow...I've never seen the snow...can you believe that?...kinda sad isn't it?
thanks for sharing!

jaclynn said...

All your creativity urges me to be even more creative. Great photos Charity.

jaclynn said...

Keep up the good work Charity. I love your limitless, uncaged creativity. You are such an inspiration. Great photo's btw. .

Teddi said...

see? i knew you still made cute things. ;) the heart garland reminds me of the garland swap from years ago, and how we met. darling little plushies too.