Friday, February 1, 2013

Really Me (in two ways)

So here's my real life post for the week.
It's nothing earth shattering or anything, so don't worry.
We have to create a portfolio of our best work this term, only we had to pick a theme or concept to focus on since it's only suppose to have 8-12 images. I had this brilliant idea (and it really is brilliant) and I was super excited about it, but... to my disappointment, I simply don't have the skill to do it.
I'm finding it ridiculously, and unnecessarily stressful... and for me, that's not what this is all about.

When I was considering a career change, I sat down, and thought "What thing makes me really happy? What can I do any time, any place and still love it?" Photography was the only thing I could think of that I genuinely loved all the time. I enjoy my job at the Library very much, I LOVE research, but I admitted, research, no matter how interesting the subject matter, can get tedious.

So the point, if I'm not loving what I do... what AM I doing wrong?
For one thing, my idea relied a lot on photo manipulation and my skills just aren't there yet. For this reason, I guess I will have to back burner my project. The other reason, I'm simply not a Studio Photographer, I don't enjoy directing people, especially when other people are watching... what I do love.... being out on the street.... catching the elderly lady in her big furry coat and matching hat... preserving the sadness, stress, energy, laughter that is part of our human experience naturally and when you think no one is watching...

I have returned to what I love best. Interacting with the world on my own terms.
These are not my images, OBVIOUSLY! but even looking at them.... I know switching is the right choice.
Yanidel Street Photography

Okay, well a lot of the other images I have saved weren't properly pinned it seems and either link to spam or general websites. BUT I will keep saving my inspiration to this pin board if you're interested.

I'm so excited! I can't believe I momentarily forgot that Art is living every moment around me! Have a great weekend loves!


Teddi said...

i agree! very perspective for to know your strengths, and develop your project around them. :)

Tiffany said...

I completely understand where you are coming from!! I started my own photography business a few years ago, gosh I guess about 7, and it grew...quickly...butt it became something else, I was shooting what other people wanted. I love outdoor, natural light, documentary photography, not posed studio style photos so I had to rethink things. I want to love photography like I did before, and I do when I shoot the way I want to and what I want to! Keep me posted on what you decide! This was my blog for my photo business.
I don't update it anymore, but it is there I think, and I used to have a website but that is gone too. Good luck with your decision!