Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Quick DIYS but no time.

I'm going through a "no time for blogging, but sorely miss it" phase again. Probably I just need to shorten my posts so I could do them  more frequently. Anyway, if I had the time, here are a few little things I would like to attempt....

1. A Room Reno. More specifically, a nice clean, uncluttered area, with a pretty colourful wall collage like this one.
And actually I've never seen this blog before either, but it's pretty fantastic. Plus anyone who makes a wall collage this cool is good in my books.

2. Decorate a notebook or even a canvas with magazine triangles. I hate throwing away magazines with the pages all intact. Pictures are for admiring and this is a great way to recycle images you love.
I don't actually know if I follow this blog, but I am about to now.

3. A Photo Booth, also cute props that can be used for other photo shoots, including these crowns!

I always intend to set up a photo booth at events, even smaller, more intimate events. I never remember and/or find the time. I also really like these simple crowns. I think it would be a lot of fun to use them for kid photos... fairy tale style!

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Teddi said...

nice room inspiration. i like the magazine cover with triangle idea, but it might be too precise in the i might eff it up if i tried kinda way. the bejeweled crown reminds me of the crowns my mom made for my kindergarten class whenever someone had a birthday, they got to have a photo wearing their crown. if i ever find the kindergarten photo of me wearing my crown, i'll share on my blog, and tell you.