Tuesday, February 26, 2013

"Nature hiking" with a crowd bigger than an amusement park.

My last term of school (EVER! I hope) is rapidly approaching. A few months ago, a classmate and I decided we needed to accomplish a few not school related adventures before the end of the year and she moves back home (faraway.... really only three hours away but on the other side of Toronto, which for me may as well be across the ocean, since I don't want to drive in Toronto).

We made a "bucket list" of sorts and decided to try to take a few things off the list last weekend. We were suppose to try a new food, and forgot and got falafel. We were suppose to wear something weird and also forgot. We did however play tourists somewhere local - Hamilton and go on a "nature hike". Now I use the term very loosely. The trail is only about 500 metres, although it was very icy so semi treacherous. 
We decided it could be considered remote and away from people, also it was in a forest, so we'd call it nature. Then we saw all the people. There were people EVERYWHERE!!!!!
It seems we decided to visit the Falls on the same day a group of rock climbers decided to climb the frozen falls. Don't get me wrong, it was really interesting and cool and all that... just not secluded or anything close, because everyone in Hamilton wanted to see the ice climbers. I'm really exaggerating here.
In other news, it's very pretty, spring or winter. 
We dragged our friend Joe along too.


Ngaio May said...

Wow! The frozen waterfall looks incredible! I haven't seen anything like it before! And crazy that people climb it!

Ngaio xx

Teddi said...

oh my glorious ice nature people filled good times with friends, forgetting what doesn't matter, and remembering what does. ;)