Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Fun Goals for before April 2012

My friend Candra and I both obtained our Master's Degrees and now are back in college studying Photography. As a result, we quickly became friends, although I like to remind her she's nearly a full year older than I am. Anyway, we decided that before we graduate, we should do a few things. Considering I made this list at Christmas, and we have not even done a single thing on the list or even made plans too... we MAY do one thing on the list before the end of April!

1. Take a Nature Hike
2. Go Ice Skating Candra has no ice skates
3. Paint the snow
4. Indoor Picnic
5. Museum (Photography)
6. Live Music or Play
7. Distillery District
8. Be a tourist somewhere local
9. Thrift shopping
10. Go into public with a crazy outfit
11. Crazy photo shoot
12. Eat 1 crazy food
13. Photo booth
14. Send a letter to a random address and see if they answer
15. Message in a bottle


ivette said...

6,8,9 and 14 sound fabulous!
if you do all those things on your list hope you take photos and share!

Jeff said...

April 2012 eh? You may be a little late.

Teddi said...

i say try to do 3. you can probably in 1 weekend, like indoor picnic, thrift shop, photo shoot, and crazy outfit in public. do it! i dare ya. ;)