Thursday, January 3, 2013

Samples of my photography passion

One of our assignments this year was to re-create an ad....
This is the original ad.
It doesn't look like a lot of work went into my re-creation.... but seriously, I don't think I've ever spent so many hours on photoshop... well, other than when creating this image....
It was basically an HDR assignment.
We had to set up a tripod and take three images. One to expose the building properly (before sunset)... one at sunset (because the sky looks prettiest then, although my sky is semi bland)... and one after dark when all the building lights were on. My image is actually four because I used a separate image for the rectangular front of the building. 

Then we had to lay the images on top of each other and using masques, we painted through to show the parts we needed from each image.

Sounds like I should post a diy.... that will be tomorrow's mission.
And this is just a photograph I like....
The assignment was hand tools. I use to be a teacher but I was always torn between loving my students and hating the job... so the harsh light is intended to reflect that. Also, right now in Ontario... the teachers are under a lot of attack from the government who has ruled that it is illegal for teachers to strike. This decision was made after the government decided to take away banked sick days (so if you had 40 saved.... they're all gone now) and a number of other things in direct violation of the established contracts. 
The photograph also links to all the turmoil in the province at present.

I love photography. I really do. It's such a rewarding Art form.


Amanda Rose said...

This looks great! You know a heck of a lot more about photoshop than I do.

Amanda Rose

Tiffany said...

Love everything you did! They all look fantastic! :)

Teddi said...

the last is my favorite, and that was before i read about what's going for teachers. be strong charity!