Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Real Life Confession: Turning 31

A few weeks ago, I decided to try to post "a real life" speel at least one a week. The thing I wanted to write about last week however, was far too personal, so instead I opted to just not write at all.
But today, I'm back. It's my 31st birthday. I'm not happy about it AT ALL.
It's not that I think 31 is so old or anything. I realize it's not... although I really don't want to get any older than 35... EVER!
It's more just that I feel like I haven't experienced enough of life for a 31 year old. At 20 I expected so much from life. I know plans fail and all that... but I'm not talking about specific plans... I'm talking about life milestones. 30 wasn't as hard as 31. I guess I felt like I was turning over a new leaf and a new leaf meant an endless amount of possibilities for a new decade. At 31, nothing is different from 30 or 29 or 25. You get the idea. And... I know you're thinking "so go out and live!"... I guess I don't have a valid excuse to contradict you.

Anyway, this isn't the way I feel all the time. Sometimes I'm very optimistic and hopeful. Today is just sucky... because it's my birthday and I don't enjoy birthdays all that much anyway <3 p="">

So there you have it... a slice of real life.
I'm an eternal optimist... I believe that everything works out in the end... even if I know from history, that's not always true. 

Were any of your birthdays difficult for you?


Debbie said...

First off Happy birthday beautiful, second I know how you feel. I found 26 a hard birthday I was no longer considered the rookie at my job and people were younger and smarter and showing me up! But then I stopped caring about the number and focused on the feelings. I will be 42 in a couple of weeks and I think Im happier now then I ever was in my 20's or 30's Im way more settled I know who I am and what I still want to accomplish but Im not rushed to achieve it. It will all happen in time. Usually when you least expect it boom it hits you life changes that fast! My sister told me she would never get married (she got engaged last week) They dated less then a year! Harry proposed to me after 4 months of dating and we have been together over 20 years. I said Id have 3 kids lol I have 5 and am trying to adopt. 31 is a great time savor every second! My favorite saying is : Life is not measured by the number of breaths we take but the moments that take our breath away.

Tiffany said...

Happy Birthday!!! I totally understand what you mean! I really do! and I am 38!!! GASP! :)
I wish I had some good advice but I am trying to figure it all out myself.
I do hope you enjoy your birthday!
Lots of love!

Teddi said...

oh charity, i think we sometimes put too much pressures on ourselves. i don't know why. yes, i've had some difficult birthdays. i wanted things to be perfect, and life isn't like that. these are beautiful photos of you! :)

Amanda Rose said...

I feel like this sometimes in general...like shouldn't I be doing higherschooler things and college kid things instead of worrying so much? Happy birthday!

Amanda Rose

Luis Raul Hernandez said...

Do you know what i love the most about you?
I love that i don't need more than a word to describe you.


David P said...
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David P said...

I feel like I should have done more with my life already as well. You seem more normal than me at this point. Ha. I actually just started a blog about my life, as a a 31 year old. Maybe you can relate.

A Look at 31