Sunday, January 27, 2013

Happiness is my cute friends and an adorable ten year old superhero in steampunk goggles.

Remember when I use to make stuff? I don't!
But I did create this pretty picture though.
And this is my favourite.
I will say though, I'm very fortunate to have adorable friends... and adorable friends with adorable children.
I love that in the picture of the two on the couch... they didn't know each other and are both very shy. I told them to look at each other. Jennah laughed at said "well this isn't awkward" but because she smiled, it looks like she's quite pleased with him. All three of these pictures make me happy. Is it weird that my own photographs make me happy?


Lisa said...

very wonderful pictures!

Teddi said...

no, it's fantastic that your photos make you happy. they should. yes, i remember when you made cute stuff. i imagine you still do.