Monday, January 14, 2013

Collections in Art?

Quick update!
School, which I was dreading, got off to a much better start than I hoped.
I just prayed and confessed the day would be peaceful and that this would be my best term ever.
Sometimes approaching things with a positive attitude, rather than a negative one, makes all the difference in the world. I never once said "Today will be awful and full of drama" and as a result, it really wasn't.

things I'm looking for:

antique keys
plastic people
fake butterflies
mini rabbits
messages in bottles
mini houses
mini teapots
random tiny kitsch
alphabet letters

I'm really into photographing collages at the moment... I want to make some fairy tale themed ones for my portfolio... so if you know anyone who has a random assortment of the above objects to get rid of VERY CHEAPLY!!! please let me know!

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