Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Beauty in a small town

A long while ago I visited Jordan Station. They have some of the best wineries in the country. The Niagara Region is famous for it's Ice Wine particularly. Anyway... here are a few photographs of the "natural" beauty of the place. Most of these images will be available for sale in my shop soon.

The mittens were hanging in the "Old Schoolhouse" Museum. It was really done up like a classroom in 1891. They had a class photo from that year hung on the wall and the teacher named herself after the teacher and each student visiting the centre would take the name of one of the students for the day. The Christmas Tree was decorated with a British flag bunting. I was really impressed with the detail and quaintness.

More catch-up to follow!


Lisa said...

i finally got your christmas card in the mail! it was wonderful thanks!

Teddi said...

they look great charity!

With Love, Jamie said...

Beautiful <3