Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Self Portrait Project Details

People have been asking for additional details on the Self-Portrait Project, so here's the scoop.

1) Draw, rip paper and collage, paint, cross-stitch, or photograph yourself.
(This list is far from long as the final product it is 2D rather than 3D it will be accepted!)

2) Send me a copy of the image (or the original). You can mail it to me... or email it to me. 
There are no size regulations, but please keep in mind I would like to print up a book, so if the image is a digital file, it should have pretty good resolution (somewhere around 200-300dpi).

3)The closing date is the end of February 2012. This means you have LOTS of time. If you realize you won't have it in in time, please just let me know and I will extend the deadline as long as possible.

4) EVERYONE is able to participate. If you're 6 month old baby wants to send an image (or rather you want your 6 month old baby to make an image that you send) that's great. If your 16 year old dog is artsy, he can send a picture too! It doesn't have to be perfect. It doesn't even have to be a literal representation. It just has to equal YOU! This is a global project.

5) Please include a brief biographic statement or summary.

What is the plan once I have collected all these works of Art?

1) I want to put them into book form (real book form, like with a real cover, spine, and pretty pages, not just something I tape and staple together). I will make it possible for you to order copies too, if you wish. I would also like to send it around so people can see it and sign it.

2) I would LOVE to have a public display of all the pictures posted somewhere. I have not as of yet worked out a location. The larger the collection, the better. Then people can come and visit our collection, add to it, comment, whatever.

3) I will blog the Art on a separate part of my blog. If you don't want to include your images in any of the above efforts, please specify. If you want to include blog links, twitter links, whatever, please include them in the information you send to me.

If you wish to participate or send digital files, contact me here: or leave a comment on this post.

If you wish to mail a self-portrait to me, please leave a comment on my blog with your email address... or email me at and I will give you the mailing address. For obvious reasons, I have no desire to advertise my mailing address on this blog!

And there you have it! More questions? Let me know.

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