Thursday, November 8, 2012

DIY Painted Hair Pins: Quick Craft

The quickest way to add a little flair to your hair (see how cheesy I made that sound? Are you impressed?) Just use a little nail polish on your bobby pins... you'll feel like you're back in high school painting pop tabs with nail polish to make one of a kind chokers like you saw in 17 magazine.
Something like this, but with gimp instead of ribbon, way more colours and a way less safe approach to jewellery making. When we did it, you actually had to pry the whole tab off the can, including the part that fixed it to the can without breaking anything. Then you could just bend the attachment piece over the gimp. That's a stupid amount of work for a necklace that was actually not that comfortable. Unlike the one pictured, it was so tight it cut off circulation to your head. 

Anyway, the bobby pins.....
:) And there you have it.
And here is my gingerbread house, and my Baked Goods photography. Christmas, candy and colours are three of my favourite things ever. It's a bit strange but the classmates seemed to enjoy it well enough.

Talk soon friends. I miss you!

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Teddi said...

i've never seen nor heard of the pop tab chokers or fingernail polish bobby pins. charity, i adore your gingerbread photo! i know you don't like food photography, but i do. :)