Monday, November 19, 2012

Being Me in Colour

My poor neglected blog! I miss you so much! Eventually we will see each other more than once a week. Hopefully sooner than later.

I have so many things going on in my head right now. Good things! Ideas and creative thoughts... and as bizarre as that is, I sometimes let those things stress me out. I want to get them done and I can't! haha.

If I had the money to re-decorate... this is my dream room at the moment
White rooms with pops of colour have been my favourite rooms for a really long time now.
I also have a thing for artsy plate displays. Typically, inherited dishware feels like something you have to accept and endure, even though you think it makes your home scream elderly before your time... but making the plates into a wall display, actually almost makes me like them. Definitely something to keep in mind for future re-decorating.
I love this. I want to make one of my own.

Something I'm learning this year, and it's something I thought I knew before.... it's so important to create Art that is truly you. Last year at school, I tried to be me but within what I thought the professor would like... (that's not exactly what I mean). This year, I finally thought, "what is something that defines me?" I dress in a million colours, I always paint my nails colourful and typically when I decorate everything is COLOURFUL! I realized that I needed to make sure all (or most) of my photographs reflect this... specifically colour. We're always talking about finding a niche as an Artist, so I started to plan all my photographs around the concept of colour and not just any colour, but generally tacky, playful colour. I am enjoying the process so much more this year... so here's what I'm saying... be yourself. Make Art that reflects who you are as an individual. You will feel so much more fulfilled in the end.

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Astrid said...

Charity, you're so right about this. The process of creating your art becomes much more fun and the results more authentic. Are you having a great December so far? I hope so! Best wishes from Europe - your Christmas mail will be on its way soon. :-)