Thursday, October 18, 2012

Weetzie the Bat Baby/Rabbit/Squash/Marshmallow

Here's a pudgy little baby bunny for you viewing pleasure.
Mini Rex have thick soft fur (like one of those extra soft fuzzy blankets). Rex rabbits are commonly used for fur coats (sometimes with Chinchilla fur as well).

I call her Weetzie the Bat baby... because when she was really little she clung on with her paws splayed like a bat. I think she's about 9 weeks old.
Baby rabbits, like human children, haven't mastered sitting and are incredibly squishy.
Haha, I don't have to say much about this photo of a marshmallow Weetzie.

"A man who fears love, fears life" - Ballykissangel


J W said...

Is that a quote from the old english tv show Ballykissangel? I haven't seen that mentioned in years if it is......I knew as soon as you saw that bunny that you would end up owning it lol. She is so cute, how could you resist lol.

Teddi said...

complete and total cuteness in photos charity! :)

Out on a limb said...

I'm thinking about getting a bunny later this summer.
I'm a teacher so I figured since bunnies are up at night, I could play with it or train it or just let it run around when I get back from work.
Are they really as cuddly as they look?

If you could give me any major tip or suggestion about owning a bunny, please let me know!