Monday, October 22, 2012

Stream of Conscience... much?

I should replace his face with mine. This is a very good description of me...
Unfortunately, I got everyone at work hooked on sour, sugary candies. I stock up on Fuzzy Peaches and Cherry Blasters. Sour Patch Kids are even better!
Robert Downey Jr isn't young anymore, but he still has more appeal than all the Magic Mike boys combined. And he's funny. And he's Iron Man so he gets to talk nerdy in the Avengers... and that's hot.

Finally, I hate all those "Call me maybe" puns, etc.... but this one made me laugh A LOT.

And, last but not least.... I want this for Christmas, probably more than I wanted the 75 pack of Crayola Crayons when I was 5. (I ended up with 2, one which was returned for a Heart Family doll)
In case you're confused, this is the Heart Family
This is not the Hart Family to which I'm referring.


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Teddi said...

oh silly charity! :)