Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Life According to My Iphone

Sometimes I take photos on my phone and then forget I could use them on my blog... so here are a few of my favourite moments, iphone style, from the last month.
I bought this little pouch from Modcloth months ago... it's called the French Lesson because everything on both sides is labelled in French like an old style flash card.
Pretty wildflowers on campus
Jennah modelled for one of the groups in studio class.
Then a few weeks later, her mom modelled for my group!
My favourite outfit of late.... track pants and the most comfortable sweatshirt in the world.
I don't know why I'm pouting.
Probably because I spent a lot of time and energy accumulating props (the small mirror and the perfect white rabbit) for a shoot concept (a watch ad), and then completely ditched the idea in the end for a much simpler concept (twinkle lights behind the watch).
I acquired an assortment of rabbits and other animals that day.
I also made this cupcake tray. I did a little DIY for the blog, but then deleted it because I was mostly too lazy to bother posting it. It worked well for the cupcakes, fyi.
I wanted to get closer to the river, and the hill was really steep... so I, in my wisdom, thought it would be fun to slide down the hill on my butt. It was a little too muddy for that....
Then my friend got to nervous, and we didn't finish the hike down at that spot anyway. (You had to use ropes and everything, seemed fun to me....)
I made a gingerbread house. I thought the front looked a bit empty so I wanted to make siding from icing. Well, that wasn't exactly successful so I just covered the whole front in candy.
Then after I photographed it. I threw it out. It tasted stale.
My bunny Claire died... she hadn't been healthy for a long time (if ever... I adopted her so I'm not sure how well she was before that). It was really sad... she was such a furry, quiet little bunny.
And you met the new runt, Weetzie, already....
A friend of mine broke the pie he was photographing, he tried to hide it with whipped cream. I laughed A LOT.
I process a comic just for me at the Library. (The comic book store owner promised me he'd track down a copy!)
And..... Walking Dead Season 3 started!!!!!!!!!
And since this whole post I seem to be mocking myself... here's a fail of a blowing a kiss/showing off my nail polish photo. 

You can keep the kiss though. And here's a HUG to go with it!

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Teddi said...

the whipped cream pie fix, muddy behind made me laugh. you have some great models for friends. i am still sorry about your bunny. :( i don't like gingerbread, but decorating is fun, right?