Thursday, September 27, 2012

Work day polar opposites: Fall Fashion Week Day 5

Today I just worked at the Library... and it was busy, but as usual there were those "human" moments that make life that much more meaningful. An older patron was so grateful to have someone to talk to that she apologized for being so chatty. She explained she didn't really have anyone at home to talk to any more and liked the company when she got out. I told her I didn't mind I was a chatterbox too. As she went out the door so just touched my hand in that way that means "thank-you". It meant a lot to me, and I hope sometimes that things I do mean something to someone else too.
Anyway, I didn't really have time to make sure these photos had any form of quality to them at all.
This is probably my weirdest outfit so far this week, but I really liked the orange of the foxes with the colour of the dress.
And yes, that is really how my hair looks most of the time.... continuous bed head.
I really enjoy this photo. I think I need to make it my profile picture for every social networking account. It's like a deer caught in headlights/mugshot combo.

Oh! The dress is the most comfortable piece of clothing I own. I hate buttons and stiff shirts, which is why I default to jeans and tshirts, but this dress, I would wear it every day if that wouldn't be socially unacceptable.
I was also wearing a monocle/moustache ring but the monocle broke off and some point during the day and I didn't notice until I went to take a picture for you. Darn.

Dress: Modcloth (worth every blooming penny I paid in customs!)
Sweatshirt: Forever 21
All the rest doesn't matter. I'm wearing orange and magenta eyeshadow that I bought in one of those massive trays of eyeshadow colours. I almost used it all up, which reminds me....
You know all those annoying teen memes with a sixteen year old boy holding up a sign that says "All girls are beautiful without make-up" or "you don't need make-up", etc. etc? I always feel like punching the teenage boy (and I'm not normally hostile!) because I like wearing make-up. I liked wearing make-up when I was in High School too. It's fun. I paint my face with crazy colours every day, or sometimes just black eye liner, or sometimes just copper, or whatever... but the point is, shut-up. Make-up is my form of creative expression. I've said it for years and it's true. Finally a magazine says it too! haha

I tagged my post Librarian Style.... I should make that a regular feature and post the craziest outfits I wear to the library and the remarks people make about them (which actually aren't mean usually but maybe they feel sorry for me. I'm not sure)


With Love, Jamie said...

Cute! I want that shirt!

Teddi said...

aww about the patron! :) nice mod cloth dress, from what i could see of it. the fox sweater is totally you. i dig the high bun. yes, make-up is fun. sometimes i wear it, & sometimes i don't. i always want a guy to think i look pretty without it though. a girl can dream.

deanna@delirious-rhapsody said...

your fox top is so cute! and i want my bangs to look like yours. :)

Charlotte said...

That top is so foxy. ;)