Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Studio Day: Fall Fashion Week

We're actually supposed to wear all black in studio so we don't reflect in our products, so I wore a black cardigan over my white shirt... close enough.
It's my "Make Art Not War" shirt again.
I hate having other people take my picture, but I thought I would try today to prevent the usual remote shots. As you can see, I'm a horrible, horrible model. These were actually the best of my poses. And yes, you can see way beyond the backdrop but I insisted on a full length shot so people could see my favourite shoes!
That's the photographer. She's dancing. I'm suppose to be ashamed. It looks more like a one-sided game of peekaboo.
Here's what I photographed today :)
Head dress - Made by Me!
Mushroom ring - Artsy Angel
Knuckle ring - Forever 21
Pineapple earrings - Modcloth
Jeans - GAP
Cardigan - Modcloth
Shoes - Toms
T-shirt - Ebay 


Rachel said...

I love your tshirt and those Toms!! They're amazing! I've never wanted a pair of the regular flat Toms before but those are ah-dor-ah-ble.

Judy said...

Those Toms are so fun! I love them. And thank you for providing us with the eye candy! I'll admit that I stared for a minute or two!

Charlotte said...

Are your TOMS puzzle pieces, like for autism awareness, or just very colorful? Either way, I like them!

deanna@delirious-rhapsody said...

i love your toms! and you did an awesome job on that headdress!

Michelle said...

What a nice subject to photograph. :-) shoes are awesome

jilian dee said...

super adorbs!

Kristina said...

Must have those shoes!!!

Rachael said...

Your eyes are GORGEOUS! Seriously amazing. And your shoes are SO cool. Wowie! Looks like you have a fun job!

Teddi said...

holy hot guy model! beautiful headdress. charity your self portrait pics capture your fun personality. i want to see the shoes better! i'm demanding like that.