Friday, September 7, 2012

Stripes without Stars

I've been admiring clothes at for years. I finally got around to ordering a few things. Unfortunately, because I live in Canada... I will not be doing that again! I ended up paying an extra $35.00 for customs. I suppose I should have thought of that, but I didn't. Also, the clothes ended up being a bit big on me.... :( I still love the colours and patterns though, so I'm not sending them back.
Obviously these are just phone photos with unflattering backgrounds, but at least you can see the dress!
I think I like it a bit better with the purple cardigan (also from Modcloth). You can't tell that it's a bit big.
The belt is from Forever 21 and the nailpolish is Insta-dry.

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Zia Blue said...

ooh, i love the colours! that sucks about customs though, the one problem with living in canada ;)