Monday, September 24, 2012

Silly clothes: Fall Fashion Week Day 2

In blog world, it's actually Day 3 of Fall Fashion Week, but I started a day late. Wanna see what the other bloggers are doing? Wanna join in? Link up here! The best part of blogging is definitely all the lovely, interesting people you get to meet. So here's my efforts at "fashion" today.
I wanted to wear my rabbit sweatshirt (yes, I have a theme going here, don't worry, it will end tomorrow).
The rabbit sweatshirt is way, way too short for my long torso. (It was designed this way, but I hate that and don't pay enough attention when I ordered it online).
So I decided to add my striped dress shirt, just because it is soooo much fun to clash. Seriously. Do it.
This is where the outfit post ends and I start playing with my real, live rabbits.
Nelson Mandela
Clare is part Angora or Lion Head so she really just looks like a giant black hair ball.
Dagny Clarice
And my favourite........
She's a hair ball and cyclops in one.
After that, I decided to put on a hat and make faces at my ipad. The hat was $2.00 on sale. I love toques. I can't wait until it's a bit cooler so I can wear one everyday.
Did you know you can get really, really close to your ipad and it still works?
One of the girls hid behind a pillar so I very nicely drew her in. The big, blue rectangle where her chest would be, is her camera. I think we can all agree I should never be allowed to touch a stylus again I'm pretty spectacular with a stylus.


Michelle said...

The stripes are perfect with the bunny sweatshirt! Love it, and I don't think it's clashy at all. :-)

With Love, Jamie said...

aww yay! Happy to see you joining in!! I love your sweatshirt & your eyes look so pretty!

deanna@delirious-rhapsody said...

i am the same way about not paying attention to crop tops online. :-/

i think the stripes go great with the bunny!

and i can't wait to wear hats and beanies every day too. i love it when i can just plop one on my head and go.

Lexi said...

you are so adorable and hilarious. Your bunny names had me cracking up. We have a one-eyed cat in our neighborhood we call Cyclopto-puss. I love the profile picture, it's just darling.

Charlotte said...

super cool top. I think the shortness of the sweatshirt works, since you have the long, striped top underneath. and the picture of you & nelson mandela is all kinds of cute. it makes me miss my bunny (even though it's been ten years [what ten years already?] since she passed away.)

Rachael said...

I have the best taste? Look at YOU!
First off, love the bunny tops.
Second, how cool is that pairing of a short sweatshirt with a dress and jeans? Swoon!
Lastly, your bunnyyyyyyyyyy sidekick!
Oh, and I can't forget the super cute beanie. I have like... ONE hat that I look decent in. You look like a universal hat girl.

Lea said...

Bunnies!!!! So cute!! Love your top!

jilian dee said...

ah your pictures are to die for! I love love love your rabbit sweatshirt

Teddi said...

charity you with your pets is heart melting and precious! :)