Saturday, September 8, 2012

Photographers for a Rainy Saturday

It's a rainy, cool Saturday... the best kind of day next to a sunny, cool, fall day, in my opinion. I'm definitely Canadian to the bone. I love the colder weather and especially sweaters!
Anyway, it's my first Saturday off in a while, and I'm caught up on nearly everything that needs to be done... so I decided to take time and admire the work of other photographers, one of my favourite things to do. I love taking photos as a general rule, but looking at such inspiring work makes me want to go shoot immediately, and not just that, but it makes me strive to be better.
I seriously can't wait to do something like this. It reminds me how much I love mix and matching colours, and tackiness in general. As a photographer, as with any Art occupation, it's essential that you develop you're own style. I need to make a better use of my love of all things that clash. I think perhaps recreating this image would a great place to start.
I'm not entirely in love with this photo from an issue of Italian Vogue, but I do enjoy the crazy use of colour blocking and it is fun.
I would also like to make an image using one colour as a theme like in this orange photograph.
I also really love dreamy photos, like this one
this one using a tilt-shift lens
this one, which is part of this photo set.
this one found on this tumblr blog
this one by this photographer
and last but not least, this one by this wedding photographer.
also this last one should have been in the crazy colour section.

Happy weekend friend! And if you know any dreamy, colourful photographs that you think I would like... please let me know!
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