Monday, September 3, 2012

Manifesto Defining Me

I want to spend every day photographing things - new things, nature and cities, beauty and ugliness - without feeling like people are judging me - just for the pure love of it.

I want love - the real, crazy, yet comfortable Johnny and June kind of love. I will be alone before I settle for anything less.

I think I should never fully let my guard down because although people might love me unconditionally, they will dislike my flaws - I've learned this the hard way.

I need to solve my own problems by turning my own pain into helping others, taking the time to write letters and cards, passing on small gifts, sharing my time with other lonely people.

If I focus more on being my best and less on my faults, perhaps I will become the good person I want to be.
I want to appreciate the world around me everyday.

I need to stop worrying about everyone judging me, even if they are. I can only be who I am at this moment.

I want to try to restore someone's faith in humanity everyday.

Love may be isn't all you need, but I do believe it conquers a lot of things.
-it will heal broken relationships
-it will care for the weak
-it will trust and persevere long after it makes sense
-Jesus died for me because I'M NOT PERFECT

I need to write more and let crafts and dreams be therapy. I don't always need to talk through things, sometimes I can sit and process alone. People don't need to know you have good intentions to make your heart good. Do what God says is good, do what He will judge as pure-hearted, then you can't go wrong.

The thing that surprises me the most is that no matter how dark and sad and gray I feel - my Art is always alive and if not joyful, certainly hopeful. I am the hopeful type. I still believe that dreams can come true.


Tiffany said...

You are a wonderful person and by sharing yourself with us you really share so much with the world! You are a gift!
Thank you for being you!! :)

Teddi said...

charity, i love you! those photo is beautiful, so is what you've written, & the intention behind every word.