Sunday, September 9, 2012


I've been watching a film set during the Civil War and I was reminded again how strongly War makes me sick. It's not just that I hate it, but I genuinely don't understand it. I don't understand EVER killing another human being... using a weapon to pierce their flesh... taking life, something so precious and valuable and fragile away from them. 

I will not ever say that past Wars have not been fought with good intentions... World War II needed to be fought and won. From this standpoint, I suppose I'm not entirely a pacifist. I think it's more that one person or a group of people can value humanity so lightly that they don't feel starving, killing, mistreating another person, ANY other person, is justifiable. I don't understand profiteering. I don't understand violence. Death robs us of people we love, it leaves a large void in our hearts, those people can't ever come back... and yet, people, particularly mobs of people, don't mind stealing life from other people. 

Even as a teacher the thing I had the least tolerance for... was bullying. Bullying isn't killing or violence necessarily, but it's robbing another human of their dignity (and usually in the case of bullying, a person who is weaker than oneself). That is never okay.

I'm sorry for this little rant. I appreciate so sincerely all the men and women who fight on behalf of their values and countries and families... and this is not to imply that I feel they are wrong. I think they are brave and courageous.

It is that I don't understand how people can cause wars - that they allow greed to make them callous to the loss of life they cause. It makes me sad that humanity can ever be like that. I always want to believe that people are fundamentally good.... but the ability to kill (without the intent of protecting one's family or those who are weak from harm) is something I will never understand.
This is humanity
This is humanity
This is what war does to Humanity.

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