Sunday, September 2, 2012

Gratitude and a New Objective

Things I'm grateful for today! (Things being the key word... no people really)

1. My job. It's only part-time and when it's slow, it's kind of boring... but seriously, I work at a Library... how could I not love my job!?
This is not my library, clearly... but isn't it pretty?
On top of that, my specific job is to pick books for the people who can't make it into the Library (shut-ins). I have a list of the authors that I like... and I find books that hopefully they will enjoy. Last week, I wrote each of them a letter asking them if they enjoyed the books I had selected. I got the sweetest responses. One lady told me she liked romance novels, because her romance days were over at 92 years old! And it wasn't a cynical comment, just a sweet little anecdote. 

2. Photography and being in Photography School!
Part of which involved going to NYC last year. I still dream about it... I loved it that much. I also can't get enough of NYC History (and the History of Photography as well!) so if you know any good books on either subject, please let me know.

3. Apocalypses and Dystopian Societies. But not real ones. Just imaginary ones on the tv or in books. I am grateful for imaginary apocalypses and dystopia because there are always heroes who rise up for good and overcome chaos and horror (or zombies). 

4. Mail
I like getting lots of things in the mail, parcels being my favourite obviously. I don't like getting bills though, perhaps that's why I keep opting for online methods.
I always mean to make my outgoing mail look prettier, but then I'm in a rush to get it mailed after it's been sitting around for weeks.... so that never happens.
Toothfairy mail! I would definitely send letters this tiny if they wouldn't get lost! 

There are so many other things of course....trees, being on the lake, music, looking at old photographs, small therapeutic crafts that you can do even when you're tired, twinkle lights, nail polish, Christmas decorations, funny accessories....

It's those small happinesses I need to focus on each day rather than worrying about all the big picture issues that press in and over which I have limited control. Besides, those things would get sorted out if I could get myself sorted out.


samantha jacob said...

its very important to known the organization details before sending the charity request letter.

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Teddi said...

the lover of words shares lovely words with others, & gets paid, plus she gets to hear sweet sentiments in return for her effort. :) great gratitude list!