Friday, August 31, 2012

Who I Want to Be

This is not my own thought, it's something I heard at Church... but I will elaborate here.

We hear so often that when we stumble or fall, the important thing is to get back up and keep going.

Not that we really have a choice, because life keeps moving forward whether we like it not... but that's not where I am going with this.

And maybe you've all realized this already, but it's new to me.

All the people we deem heroes, or that we admire in the media... and I mean, really truly admire for being great... are people that we know beat the odds. They are people who may have fallen repeatedly, but always got back up to finish their personal race. 

They are people who turned their lives around, who made mistakes, who failed...people who kept going even when hope was ridiculously lost. 

Wouldn't it be amazing to be one of those people? Not to be afraid of mistakes, not to let depression or weakness stop us from being great? - Not that we have to get media attention or even tackle something massive, just work with what we are given everyday and turn it into something beautiful.


ashley.warner said...

what a lovely thought...just gotta get back up when you get kicked to the ground and keep moving forward! :)

you're amazing lady! :)


Teddi said...

wouldn't it be?

Amanda Rose said...

Amen! Words to live by.

Amanda Rose