Friday, August 17, 2012

Welcome to My Life

I got a lot of shoes, clothes and make-up this week, mostly because I had a lot I needed to throw out. My first toms, docs and not my first sneakers, but my first plaid pair. 
My sentiments exactly
Back to school soon, and more of this.
Until then journalling and faeries. Lately, I'm addicted to books about "our fair neighbours".
Also, I can't stop posting things on my walls.
And my chubby little bunny hasn't figured out how to NOT be a brat.
That being said, if I lay on my bed and call "Nelson" he will jump up for a bunny cuddle. How great is that?


With Love, Jamie said...

I want all your shoes...k? ;)

Teddi said...

those floral shoes are divine! hooray to having a fun life charity. tell us how much you enjoy wrecking your journal, later. :)

Tiffany said...

Love ALL the shoes!!! SOOOOO FUN!
Love the bunny too~ So cute!