Sunday, August 5, 2012

Week at a glance

I found my next hair cut on a doll.
I love this photo of my cousin and I holding arms. She thinks we were playing Wizard of Oz. She has a much better memory I do.
Yes, I was a fat baby Martian who loved Papa Smurf
I use to make these all the time, I hate this pattern so I have very little motivation to finish this one.
I'm also taking forever on this, but I think it will be cute when it's done.
It's really hard working with books all day! I come home with stacks that I can't possibly get through in time.
I didn't realize how blurry these were. One of the children's books had tips on make-up through the generations. I thought it was kind of helpful actually. I can't wait to try a few.
And my gnome book.
This book taught me that girl gnomes have ample bosoms, but they don't need to wear bras because they are so close to the ground that gravity doesn't affect them.
Please observe the anatomically correct topless gnome breasts ;)
Bags under my eyes... although I do have lines there anyway, they are less pronounced than when I was a kid. I hated them.
But a cute pink dress to make it all better... although I still look super tired!
The end! 


Amanda Rose said...

I love love those old books! Who cares about under your eyes, I think you look wonderful just the way you are! Also, pretty little dress you have there. What are all the books for? I love cross stitching but, get incredibly bored doing it. Its a love-hate relationship.

Amanda Rose

Teddi said...

dig the doll hair, your hair in the cute ruffly top, & hair accessory with pink dress! do try those make-up looks, then photograph. ooo you can even do them on models + yourself. treasured photo of little you & your cousin, looking like sisters. :) stop making that bracelet pattern you hate, & spend your time making something love. yes, i was a fat baby who loved teddy bears, & making bizarre faces at the camera. not much has changed.