Tuesday, August 28, 2012


It always strikes me as odd that the people we hurt the most are the people we love the most. It makes sense, I suppose, because we know they will still be there loving us after all the stupidity is done.
I was upset the other day, and talking to a friend of mine, she said "You are strong" and even though I didn't feel strong at that moment, it helped, because I knew there was someone out there who saw me as strong, even though I was at my weakest. 

So here's a note to you, no matter what you're facing at this moment,
YOU ARE STRONG... and even if you're not, you can be. 
Don't let life beat you, with all its melodramatic moments and heartbreak. Show it what you're made of!

Here's another brief note, no matter how much you need a friend to walk beside you, no matter how much you need a shoulder to cry on, if that person can't be there for you, you can find the strength deep within to accomplish all you need to do... and remember, God is always with you.


Teddi said...

with love and endurance. :)

ashley.warner said...

i love all of these!
so inspiring! :)

xo - ashley

Tiffany said...

beautiful post~ thank you!
sending you a big hug~ hope you are doing well...