Monday, July 9, 2012

Tshirt Tuesday: Pluto tears in the Garden

Dear Pluto Even if You Aren't a Planet I Still Love You.
Okay so I'm wearing track pants. It was a lounging kind of day.
Dear Pluto tshirt: Bluenotes
Saxophone Necklace: Some store in NYC
Headband: I don't remember
Track pants: I don't remember either.
No matter how many flower pictures I take, I always want to take more. As typical and probably redundant as it is, I really love flowers. Imagine a world without them? It would definitely be less beautiful!


Teddi said...

keep taking flower photos, i love them too. looking pretty in the garden. i was so disappointed when i learned pluto wasn't a planet. what else did we learn that was wrong in school?

Zia Blue said...

pluto is amazing! still can't believe they got rid of it :(

The Perfect Pear said...

ahhhh thats such a cute shirt! poor pluto! :( hahah p.s. very pretty pictures!

By Larissa said...

Nice photos dear.

Tiffany said...

Lovely photos! Great shirt too! :)