Friday, July 6, 2012

This week

Port Dover Len's Mills Fabric Warehouse
A giant greenhouse near Port Dover.
Lavender I picked from the garden, Pretty fabric at the Fabric Warehouse, the sky after lunch on my way to work.
I took my braids out this week and brushed it to give myself 80s Rockstar hair! I drink so much coffee, they know my name and order at the Coffee Shop, beads and mini things that I bought in Port Dover.
I inherited all the family heirlooms, so I went through boxes this week to find things I could get rid of, in the process I found these Bunnykin dishes and one of those things you look through to make an old style 3D image.
Some other things I liked this week. A suggested Weetzie Bat soundtrack, a star necklace, a new "Make Delicious Cupcakes Not War" shirt, and a page from Missing Angel Juan one of the Weetzie Bat books (I think Missing Angel Juan is my favourite after Weetzie Bat).

Have a great weekend loves! xoxo


Lisa said...

those dishes are too cute! Hope you have a wonderful weekend!

Teddi said...

charity, your hair is like totally awesome, for sure! i'm serious. i hope you use the bunny dishes. i sigh at all the pretty fabrics, flowers, & sky. very clever playist idea. wouldn't it be nice if the world DID make cupcakes instead? witch baby is a photographer after all. then you add the music boyfriend & finding yourself adventure element. my fave might be cherokee and the goat guys, or necklace of kisses. i like when she describes the clothes.

Amanda Rose said...

I want that cupcake shirt!

Blue Eyed Night Owl said...

Looks like an awesome week! And that is 80s rockstar hair indeed:D