Thursday, July 19, 2012

Nelson Mandela blinked

My baby rabbit is getting so big!
He can't put his ears up to listen like a normal rabbit... so he sticks them out (like this). My other lop never did this... it always makes me laugh.
He loves to "burrow". Those are his fuzzy ears sticking out from behind a pile of pillows and blankets.
Even more than burrowing, he likes jumping on and off things...usually things he's not suppose to... as a result, he fell IN the garbage pail.
I enjoy this picture very much.... also this one.
He's blinking!

Anyway, that's all :)


Teddi said...

nelson mandela is precious. :) such joyful photos.

Lisa said...

awwwwwwwww soo cute

Allison Taylor said...

AGH this is the cutest bunny ever. I have a huge soft spot for bunnies. haha the one where his ears are lifted up is hilarious. Can I cuddle him sometime?! haha.

p.s. I love the header of your blog!