Friday, July 13, 2012

Highlights of the week (not from my iphone)

I need to replace my iphone charger cord. It stopped connecting properly to my computer and won't even really connect to charge at all right now... so I'm sharing pictures from other people's phones... and just some random things I encountered this week.
This is why I should not be allowed out. I approach strange vans in parking lots (or at least that looks like the story from this picture which my friend took specifically because it looked sketchy. It wasn't for the record.)
Another reason I shouldn't be let out of the house.....
My baby sister ended up in the newspaper this week! This is the book sale at my library. Jennah and I knew each other when we were tiny but neither of us remember, we re-met at the library :)
I'm selling a bunch of stuff on kijiji to attempt to raise a little cash towards this year's tuition. I really love this photo of some old wine glasses.
I really, really love this picture. I just think she looks so beautiful. I made myself a headband like that, but I just realized I spaced my flowers too far apart so I'm going to have to remake it.
I also really want to try to make this necklace, but I'm not sure I have the patience.
It's so gorgeous.
I met the lead singer of Renad a few months ago (on twitter actually) and told him I would blog about his band this week. He currently lives in Mexico, but he might just be the sweetest man on the continent. Most of their songs are in Spanish, but they sing in English as well. Also, here's the link to their facebook page.


Teddi said...

that girl is gorgeous! the necklaces & headband are fab too. i like that you'll do whatever it takes to get the shot. i listened to the whole song. they mix punk blink 182 parts, with some carlos santana style, great fusion of different bands in one song.

Amanda Rose said...

That book sale looks heavenly.