Monday, July 30, 2012

Hating Hope is Bad

Sometimes I feel sorry for myself because I have this crazy, strong part of me that always hopes... that always believes everything will be okay in the end. And then when everything isn't perfect, I get angry at myself for hoping... 

In grade 9 my teacher said "The thing I like about you is you see the bright side in everything"... well this isn't  true anymore... it is true that I hang on to hope even when I want desperately to give up. Sometimes I consider it a weakness, but maybe I need to embrace it as a strength... and hang on even when things are bleak or it appears they have gone past the point where hope is stupidity. Rather then giving up on myself, getting angry at myself and cursing hope, I should promote that thing inside me that says "keep going" and trust that instinct instead.

"I tell people that they would be better off to believe and never see any results than not to believe and never see any results...Believing keeps your heart full of joy. So at least, if you believe and never see results, you will be happy."  - Joyce Meyer 
On that note....

Haha! But I think you get my point! 

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Teddi said...

charity, did you know one of my favorite quotes: "is hope a drug we need to get off of, or is it keeping us alive?" by cindy chupack

it was written for a sex & the city television episode.
love ya. :)