Saturday, July 21, 2012

Cette semaine

I love being a librarian. True story. I just thought I would mention that!
I didn't take many cell phone photos this week or many photos at all really; however, I did replace my charger cord, so I can finally plug into the computer again.
We had a Yard Sale... it was pretty boring. I mostly avoiding working at the table. I sat and made friendship bracelets. I was able to get rid of quite a few things though, including a lot of old jewellery I had made and not sold on etsy, and then was too lazy to repost it. 
The delicious Red Velvet cupcake with Cream Cheese filling that I ate before I found out I had to have a month with no wheat or milk. Glad this came my way PRIOR to that dreadful day.
Tiffany: I found a great quinoa recipe for pizza. At least if I can't have Cheerios I can still have pizza.
Incognito but not really.... I just needed protection from the direct sun during the heat wave.
I got the sunglasses on sale for I think $5.00 and they were buy one get one free!
Still no Red Riding Hood, but the rocker with the pink hair was a pretty good alternative.
I'm so proud of this. I stitched it and Jamie framed it!
Oh! I won a giveaway this week. I really wanted to win, so I'm really happy. I will post pictures when it arrives!

Happy weekend loves xo

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Allison Taylor said...

I'm glad that you love being a librarian! I'm a firm believer in doing something that you love. And I can't believe you stitched that "home sweet home" by yourself, it's great :)