Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Two quotations inspiring me today...

"Anything you can imagine is reality" - Pablo Picasso

"Logic will get you from A to B but imagination will take you everywhere" - Einstein

Sometimes, you just have to hang in a bit longer and not give up hope, then only then, after all your hard work and tears, your dreams come true.

Hair, toes, and sunlight. 

I have had this t-shirt so long I don't remember any more where it came from. I wore it a lot in Grad School. The skirt is also very old. This is NOT (obviously) an actual outfit so much as it was a very hot day and I didn't plan on leaving the house.

The peace necklace was made by Jamie at With Love, Jamie
The key necklace which you can't really see and cross earrings (my current favourite pair) are both my own.

I love braids in my hair so much. 


Tiffany said...

Love the quotes, love the outfit and that first pic of you is sooo pretty! They all are but that is my fave! :) Happy Tuesday!

little moon lover said...

loving the quotes.. I definitely get inspired by Einstein and Picasso, which I adore!
I'm a painter, so I have a special love for paintings and Picasso is one of my faves.. cool outfit!

Teddi said...

cute photos. the peace necklace is my favorite thing. if you love the 80's, did you see rock of ages?

Amanda Rose said...

I love the Einstein quote!