Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Tshirt post: Go Kawaii or Go Home

I came up with some more focused ideas for my blog.
I'm not fashionable and I don't own many fashionable clothes, BUT I do own a tremendous amount of graphic tees and accessories... so I thought once a week, instead of doing a beautiful, trendy what I wore... I will just feature a t-shirt! (It will also give me an excuse to acquire all the ones I still want to get).

Excusing the horrible hair, I need a hair cut badly... but I can't decide if I should get bangs again or braid my whole head like you get done on Caribbean vacations, here's my first Tuesday Tee post.
This post has decided to align incorrectly, but whatever. This is one of my favourite tshirts. I bought it at Bluenotes or one of those places that sells inexpensive tshirts. I get made fun of for wearing it constantly. People say "why are they wearing boots? Why is raining sprinkles? It just doesn't make sense." It was $5.00, what do you expect?

I got the bottle of sprinkles from Sick For Cute
and the bunny necklace is one of my own.
The jeans are just a standard GAP pair... the only kind that fits me.
Wow, my hair doesn't normally like that awkward.
As an aside, I haven't worn leg warmers on my arms in years, so feel free to mock them.

Other regular posts I'm planning: DIYS (usually related to buttons and bracelets) and of course, Wish Lists. In theory, I also plan on doing an Inspirational post a week, maybe related to Paying it Forward, but we will see how that goes.

Suggestions? Hints?


Marla Rae Morrison said...

I like your shirt! It's super cute! You always look adorable! Great necklace! : )

Drama Queens Mum (Kimberly) said...

That necklace is really cute. I just looked at the website & saw a few shirts that I might get.

Teddi said...

hints or suggestions? NONE! comments, YES! that outfit is so completely you! all i kept thinking, when i saw your outfit, is it's way too hot, here in texas, to wear pants, 2 tops, & arm warmers. i'd probably die of heat stroke. was it avril lavigne who used to rock the arm warmers? i always did like her style.

J W said...

Suggestions: you should rock the leg/arm warmers more often. Comment: How do they not get the shirt, its great. its raining sprinkles because they are ice cream. ice cream and sprinkles go together haven't they ever gone to an ice cream bar? and they are wearing boots because it is raining. sprinkles or water, you need rain boots to "splash" in them. I'm telling you, people just don't get cute these days lol.