Wednesday, June 20, 2012

A slightly confused wish list

Apparently I can't decide if I'm a child or a grown-up, but as if you didn't already know that. My wish list this week:
I want to collect Happy Mini Labbits from Kidrobot
The LEGO blind bags have made me OBSESSED with Lego figures. I really want the Avengers and Batman, who are not blind bag figures. Loki and Hawkeye are my favourite characters, so of course, I would have to collect them... I have no idea why at 30 years old I'm suddenly in collecting Lego.
I need some new summer dresses. This one isn't really my colour, but I love it.
I love this one even more and it IS my colour. 
I will definitely be owning this in the near future. 
I don't actually want these, but they're pretty cool.
I am crazy in love with her hair, but.... I can't see myself getting that cut, although I would definitely do the feathers.

:) Happy Wednesday! <3


Amanda Rose said...

I am madly in love with that maxi dress.

Amanda Rose

J W said...

I want that Hulk Lego really bad lol. We must find them!!