Friday, June 29, 2012

Roses for me

To conclude the week...

I started working at the Library, and two of my good friends finished working at the Library... so we all went out to dinner at this gorgeous restaurant I didn't even know existed in my town - Jonny Famous. Even though Debbie was the one leaving, she brought us all Fair Trade roses. I love fresh flowers so much! (Debbie has five boys and often takes in Exchange students and foster children, she's like Super Mom or something!)

I made quite a few things this week including a tiny fawn. It was my first try and I didn't have a great pattern so I'm going to try again, but I wasn't totally disappointed with the results.

I got a letter from my penpal in a beautiful handmade envelope.

I finished supply teaching for the year and received a lovely colourful plate from a first grader.

(I also watched 1408 because it's a Jon Cusack movie and I love him, but it was terrible)


Teddi said...

dear happiness, we've been expecting you. <3 xo :)

With Love, Jamie said...

You definitely are in a crafty mood-I LOVE your latest creations! And that top pic of you is adorable :)