Tuesday, June 5, 2012


I'm behind on posting again, so here's a very brief update on some projects I've signed up for although I'm behind on posting for all of them already!

I decided to re-start my year 2 of project 365. I got really far behind when I was in school (for PHOTOGRAPHY of all things). So instead of it going from January to January... it will go June to June.
Day 2 and Day 3... Day 1 is part of the "Colour Week" challenge over on Maryam's blog. Each day we photograph a different colour! Oddly challenging actually.

I also started my own personal challenge. I bought a book called The Art of Iphoneography. It's pretty interesting actually. It provides a list of emotion prompts that you can check off... I decided to do one a day for the month of June.
For day 1, I did heartbroken. The other ones are still on my phone.

And! I'm doing Janel's 30 day journal challenge again.
I skipped quite a few prompts last year, did every single one the year before, and hope I do well this year, although admittedly, I've put less thought into this year's which is disappointing.
Again, I've only uploaded one assignment so far. Day 1.
Today I bought so herbs for my window sill and that makes me ridiculously happy.
I hope you're enjoying your day... more to follow in a bit.


Teddi said...

i like your first drawing for the challenge! :) girl you are major creative project busy.

With Love, Jamie said...

Yay for creative projects! I love your journal page & that first picture you posted looks like FUN! ;)