Saturday, June 16, 2012

Paying it Forward and Photo prompts

Obviously we are already in the middle of June... but I'm always looking for new ways to challenge myself so I think I will give these prompts a try, perhaps not in 30 days or in any particular order. I think I will just aim for the end of August. I will show you my favourite images throughout the process.
If you'd like to join in, let me know by leaving a comment, link or emailing me at

Last weekend during the Mudcat Festival, we had a mini Pay it Forward fundraiser. (It takes money to do some of the projects that we have planned.) The kids made a bunch of necklaces and we actually made a bit of money! 

My favourite story from the day... a whole family came over and wanted to pay it forward, so they bought a necklace or bracelet each. The little boy bought two bracelets and then his sisters really liked them and there were none left of that style so he gave them to his sisters and then had none himself. I told him how nice it was that he did and that he had paid it forward. I had a dense moment and didn't offer him to pick a bracelet for free but anyway, a little while later his dad came back and bought another necklace. He said he wanted to reward his little boy for paying it forward so selflessly. I offered for him to just take a piece of jewellery for free but he wouldn't.
It may sound like a little thing, but even the little things mean something when it comes to kindness.

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Teddi said...

i like that story. i look forward to seeing your photos. i may give some of those prompts a whirl too.