Wednesday, June 6, 2012

My life according to my iphone

My friend was awarded student of the year because she's that awesome. No one deserved it more.
I finally found one of the Art Show with me standing near my own Art!
These Christmas ornaments are the perfect size for a Blythe girl band
I've been watching a lot of Third Rock from the Sun lately
My business cards and business post cards finally arrived. MOO does it again!
Mila's computer skills are improving.
I got these little guys in Halifax. The captain is the exact same size as my Momiji dolls... speaking of which, I got two more of them in Halifax as well

Sarah and I checked out this cute little tea place. I had chocolate chip pancakes, but only finished one.
I've done a lot of sorting and re-organizing... but that's pretty standard. 
Sometimes I tweet Devon Sawa and sometimes he even answers... remember him?
Shrinky dinks... this is the only one that actually turned out though, in part because I tried to cover them with clear nail polish and it just made the ink run :(
I got some new books (which I didn't need but wanted very badly)
I played with my friend's crazy ferret
I bought some herbs
I made junk pile robots with kindergartens. This one is wearing a band hat, holding chocolates and the butterflies are remote controlled.
Here's mine :)
Now I can finally delete some images off my phone! :)


Teddi said...

beautiful final photo of you, charity girl! holy fantastic nails. :) fun robots with the kinders. chocolate chip pancakes remind me of childhood. have you ever put bananas in them & topped them with whipped cream? my fave photo is the all girls guitar rock band. holler.

Amanda Rose said...

I love the ring and nails!

Amanda Rose

Mary Has Sound said...

Ahhhhhh. Those robots. So good.

kelly christine said...

was that a guinea pig!? :D so cuuuute