Monday, June 25, 2012

My life according to my iphone (and nikon d90)

I'm never satisfied in outfits that match
So contrary to all human logic, I wore turquoise stripes with blue plaid
I got held up at the lift bridge coming home from Niagara Falls. Those motorcycles were way behind us... and decided it was okay to butt ahead.
Tim Horton's makes THE BEST sprinkle donuts.
Ice Cap. (Apparently I wore my hair down a lot this week)
Necklace from Jamie
Zombie rabbit (more about him later)
Lego Blind Bags
My "pot" garden, (or by accident I often call them my "pot plants"). It just keeps growing and by that I mean, I am oddly obsessed with small plants this summer and keep acquiring them. Herbs, marigolds and succulents so far.
And I just love the rim light in this photograph!

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