Thursday, June 28, 2012

My finds for today.

Today I wish....
This was my hair
And these were my boots
That my brain could invent whimsical photos like this
or this
This site has a whole editorial of these winter fairytale photographs.
This is just really cute.
I wish I was motivated enough to make this
These are probably more realistic.
And this can be my house
Or maybe this
Although I love to fill my walls with Art, so most likely this
But I'm more than willing to take this
But please throw in this.

I'm finally reading about Weetzie Bat and I just can't get enough.
The rest of the Weetzie Bat Wildfox photo shoot is here.

1 comment:

Teddi said...

it's about darn time. i'm referring to the weetzie bat, but honestly, you've been rather busy. i can so see you making that artwork, photos, & interior decor. who's stopping you?